Hey there! Meet Tabby 😻 from Makerbox!
Tabby is a chatbot catbot that helps you keep "tabs" on your meowker goals

⚡ Makerbox is a simple tool built to help create and manage Product Hunt Maker Goals, from within Slack

🔌 Login with your Product Hunt account, and continue to add Makerbox to your Slack workspace

🏁 Use slash commands /goal and /mygoals to stay on top of your Maker Goals


Community inbox funbox for makers

Why Makerbox?

Chances are you already use Product Hunt and Slack if you're a maker
Makerbox is an effort to bring these platforms you love together



🔄 Anywhere access

Create goals from your Slack workspace (on any device) and the goals are synced to Product Hunt; also access all your Maker Goals from Product Hunt from within Slack

⚡ Easy to use, yet powerful

Use the simplicity and power of natural language to create your maker goals. Use phrases like "next Friday", "in 2 weeks" etc. for due dates and Makerbox takes of the rest

🤗 Accomplish more, together

Create goals on-the-fly while working with your team, and collaborate around team goals; also share your goals with the Product Hunt community. Accomplish more, together! 🙌